Industry Night Recap 2017


Industry Night held on February 16th was a great opportunity to get to know three successful professionals in the world of food service, science and management. Because of their varied backgrounds, each individual on the panel had a different perspective to contribute to the conversations that took place. Here is a cumulative summary of some of their advice!

But first, a little bit about each professional…

Angelo Colalillo is the Vice President of ARAMARK; Eastern Canada-Compete Purchasing Service INC.

Cynthia Lee is a Project Manager and in charge of Project Commercialization at Nestle.

Sachitha Baduge is a Quality Assurance Technician at FGF Brand.

Questions and advice…

What can we do with our degree?

  • The aging population is going to greatly increase the need for RDs and other health professionals in the future
  • Foodservice professions
  • Career in Hospitality
  • Start your own business

What skills do employers look for?

  • Curiosity- they want motivated individuals who are not afraid to ask questions in order to learn and grow.
  • Confidence- they need people who aren’t afraid to contribute their own ideas to the team.
  • Collected- try not to appear too eager or desperate during an interview. Remain composed!

Is travelling after graduation a good idea?

No. Try using the momentum of graduation to leap into the work world, and build your career early on.

When your straight out of school, your enthusiasm and motivation is fresh, and employers notice! Travelling will always be available, and even more so when you start earning money!

What is the most rewarding part of the job?

  • Interacting with people
  • Energy level of coworkers and employees in the workplace
  • Seeing the team succeed as a company
  • Watching each member of the team excel in different ways
  • Seeing a product on shelf helped launch


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