Survival Guide to First Year 2016


Welcome first year Ryerson Nutrition students! Here are 8 tips we wish we’d known in our first year of university.

1. Don’t rush into buying textbooks. Try to buy used textbooks. screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-2-13-36-pm

Wait. I know it may scare you but you don’t have to have all your textbooks purchased for the first day of school. The first week of school is your time to ask professors about textbooks before buying them all at once and possibly regretting it later on.

Once you have an idea of which textbooks you’ll be needing you can start your hunt and comparing prices. You may be able to buy most of your textbooks used instead of purchasing them brand new. Check to see if they are in usable condition by flipping through them to make sure. Here are a few places you can check out: Facebook pages (such as Ryerson Nutrition Students or Used Ryerson Text Books For Sale), the Ryerson Students’ Union Used Book Room, Kijiji, Craigslist, and Tusbe.

2. Stay on top of readings. 

You may have been able to get away with studying a night or two before a test in high school. But we strongly advise you to stay consistent and on top of your work load. Commit to reading just a few pages at a time, whether it be on your commute to and from school or during your breaks in between classes, read in small doses.

3. Bring healthy and filling snacks for long lectures and long days on campus.screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-2-14-13-pm

For all those lectures that go for 3 hours or even just 1 hour it is important (as we all know too well!) to make sure you are consuming healthy foods in order to stay focused and absorb all the information being taught. One helpful trick is to do meal/snack prep in advance so that you’re not scrambling and spending more money than necessary on food.

4. Use the Nutrition Lounge in Kerr Hall West when you can’t find study space in the Library or SLC. 

Since Ryerson is mainly a commuter school, the Library and Student Learning Centre (SLC) are constantly full during the week while students are waiting between classes or socializing with their peers. At times it can be difficult to find a quiet space on campus to get started on projects or complete course readings. The Nutrition Lounge in Kerr Hall can only be accessed by Nutrition students with a valid student card. This limited access helps to create a more productive environment and allows you the opportunity to talk to students within the same program!

5. Take advantage of the time spent commuting to school 

While some students might find reading or studying notes a challenge on the subway or GO Train, I quite find it peaceful after a long day of classes.  If I have my headphones playing some light music in my ears, and a comfortable seat, I find that I can actually accomplish some of my readings before I reach home. Besides, you’ll find yourself exhausted by the time you get home, and this might help ease some of the work load.

6.  Get a head start on the game, and load some cash onto your one card at the beginning of the semester screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-2-14-55-pm

I find this particularly useful when I have a deadline to hand something in, forgot to print
out lecture notes (or the professor was late uploading them), didn’t pack any snacks, rushing to make it to a class etc.  Having money loaded on your OneCard grants you access
to the library and Kerr Hall lab printers, RU Eats cafeteria in Jorgenson, Tim Hortons on Victoria St, campus bookstore, and more!  Preloading money on your card helps give you peace of mind when you don’t have any cash on you, but have to purchase something on campus.

7. Join Student Groups of interest on campus 

When classes become super stressful and hectic, you may be able to find peace and fun in a campus student group. There are student groups around for every possible area of interest you may have – whether it be music, a sport, a cultural group you identify with, or a cause you strongly support, I guarantee you that there is a student group out there for you! The student groups are student run, and constantly hold fun and informative events throughout the academic year that help take your mind off the stress of exams. Check out ConnectRU or look out for campus groups fairs held throughout the year that’ll give you a chance to explore the diverse student groups at Ryerson!

8. Get paired up with a mentor screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-2-16-58-pm
The Tri-Mentoring program offered at Ryerson is a super helpful resource for first year students. All it takes is one click to sign up online, and the program pairs you up with an upper-year student in your program who will act as your guide through the transitioning year to help make it all little less stressful. As a mentee, you can ask your mentor any questions about campus life, the program, and any helpful study tips and tricks they may have from their own experience. It also guarantees you a friend at school if you haven’t had the chance to meet new people yet!  


By: Saara Muhaseen, Alexis Silver, Sarah Szostok, & Yasmin Khatau

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