A Food Share Experience


Have you heard of the Good Food Box yet?

The good food box is a great way of getting local fresh fruits and vegetables at a great price without having to go to the grocery store! The good food box is organized by FoodShare, a non-profit organization that believes in food justice and seeks to end food insecurity. They value sustainable and affordable methods of production, distribution, and consumption of food.

FoodShare is located in Toronto and delivers good food boxes throughout the city. They also offer additional education programs that teach the community about nutrition and good sustainability practices. The organization’s contributions and actions are very beneficial to the community.

Recently, Ryerson’s Nutrition Course Union had the opportunity to go to Food Share in order to learn first hand all about the local organization. As volunteers, we helped prepare and pack good food boxes that were going to be sent out to the local schools and neighbourhoods. While interacting with the other good spirited volunteers, it became evident how critical their donated time is to the organization. The involvement of each individual strengthens the community of FoodShare and the entire city.

After getting to understand the ins and outs, it is very impressive how committed FoodShare is to the overall goals and values of the organization. As a community, we should all be grateful to have an organization such as FoodShare.

If you are interested in purchasing a good food box, you can order one through the Good Food Centre on the second floor of the Ryerson Student Center.

How it works:

  1. Select and pay your good food box from the Good Food Centre
  2. Pick up your good food Box the following week

Simple as that!


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