Welcome back to the NCU, 2016 Style


It’s that time of year again…the beginning of a new semester, figuring out where are classrooms are, and trying not to fall behind on our dozen of weekly readings! For students in their last year, tis the season for application deadlines and figuring out our next steps!

The merriment brought on by the holidays does not have to end! As we are back on campus in the cold weather (cue warm jackets and cozy mittens) the NCU is ready to bring warmth and excitement into the lives of ALL of YOU fellow foodies!

Following the successful semester we had in the Fall, we have worked diligently to come up with event ideas that will be of interest and benefit to you. We are hoping to have a little bit of everything this semester, whether you are in your first year or in your last! Our first event took place this past Monday, January the 25th in which we had a talk by Professor El-Sohemy from the University of Toronto on, “From Nutrigenomics to Nutrigenomix Inc. – Commercializing Discoveries in Nutrition Research”. We were able to learn about nutrition from a new perspective and scholar in the field.

Next on our agenda is a mock MMI (multiple mini interview) specifically for students who are applying for internship or master programs this year. Students will be able to practice their interview skills and get feedback before their actual interviews. Best of luck to all students who are applying this year!

Last semester, we hosted a Dietitian’s Day event in which we exposed students to different careers you can have with an RD designation. We understand that not all students are interested in the dietetic route and that is why we are hosting another career event. This March, we will be focusing on other careers you can have in the field of nutrition and food!

Make sure to follow us on facebook, twitter, and instagram to get the latest updates about our events! On behalf of the NCU executive team, I wish you a great semester and all the best in 2016!

Olivia Kordos

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