Master’s and Internship Q/A


IMG_2623We were so excited to invite some of our Ryerson alumni to talk to us about their application process to master and internship programs that they are working towards. We had a total of 9 guest speakers at this event, ready to share their experiences with prospective interns and students! If you were unable to make it out to NCU’s Master’s and Internship Q/A on Friday, November the 6th, read further to learn about the highlights we learned!

When deciding to apply for a Master’s or an Internship program, it is important to firstly look at the GPA/academic requirements; and these tend to differ depending on each program. If you don’t have the GPA that is needed, you may not want to apply for this particular program as this is the first way programs make their selections as to who they will invite for an interview. Start reading about the programs early on, and once you have found programs that interest you, make sure you meet their criteria before you begin the application process. A major component of your application involves writing a personal letter. Arguably, it is the most challenging aspect of the application process, as mentioned by all of our speakers.

In regards to the letters, our speakers mentioned: allowing your personality to come through, being confident about your skill set and experiences, and make sure to mention your long-term goals and aspirations. Have a 5-year plan? Pull out some of these key points for your letter. And don’t forget to stick to the guidelines! Set aside enough time to write your letter, integrating aspects of the mission/values statements of the hospital/ company, and revise, revise, revise! A spelling mistake can really send your application to the bottom of the pile, so don’t let this happen!

The next step in obtaining an Internship or Master’s position is the interview process. Make sure to consider the practice interview questions online when preparing for an interview as many are very similar to the questions asked during the actual interviews.

Depending on where your interview is taking place, different interview formats will be used. Examples of these formats are as follows:

Aramark: many behavioral type questions

Ryerson University: multiple mini interviews

Brescia: Panel interview held in the same room as other interns

SickKids : Panel interview

St. Michaels Hospital: Panel interview

Sunnybrook Hospital: carousel interview

*Some interviews may be held over the phone

If you are successful in obtaining a Master’s or Internship position, you should be aware of the time commitment involved. These commitments can change depending on your preceptor, and it is very difficult to work towards completing your degree or program while at the same time earning money via another job. Both programs have very intense time commitments and so you want to make sure that you are passionate and interested in the area of study/practice that you will be applying for. Do research about an institution of interest, go visit a hospital, read up on their mission statement…were some suggestions mentioned, that can help you in making your choice! An important point from our speakers was that there are a lot of options out there, each involving their own requirements and time commitments involved in simply applying. Make sure to think about what it is you really want to study, or what area you would like to explore and learn more about. Applying to every single option can be overwhelming and extremely time consuming, especially with school work and other commitments.

The great thing is, Ryerson and U of T master students as well as hospital based interns are eligible to write the registration exam that allows you to become a dietitian, following their program completion.

Good luck to all those applying from the NCU team!

(And Happy Holidays!)

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