Shanshan’s Exploration of German Cuisine

When it comes to German food, people will think of sausage and sauerkraut.  Having stayed in Germany for almost 15 days, I explored a vast variety of Germany food, both traditional and cross-cultural.

In general, each region of Germany has its own special dish and variations of typical German cuisine.

  1. Wurst (sausage) —there are many different types of sausage made in Germany and you’ll find street stands selling them everywhere. The blood sausages I tried in Trier was quite delicious with a unique flavor.


  1. Flammkuchen—very thin pizza topped with feta cheese and pepper (the toppings can be various).


  1. Apfelstrudel with Italian cappuccino. I found this little Italian café in Colonge. The owner’s wife is German and made these delicious apfelstrudels. Meahnwhile, the husband is Italian and the cappuccino he made was the best I’ve ever had! Apfelstrudel is a delicious pastry filled with apples flavoured with sugar, cinnamon, raisins and breadcrumbs and served with hot creamy sauce.


  1. Pork schinitzel+Frankfurt sausage+Apple wine

Schnitzel is a boneless cutlet of meat and coated in breadcrumbs. There is veal schnitzel and pork schnitzel.


Frankfurt sausage—smoked pure pork sausage. It tastes totally different from the sausages in hot dogs sold here.

Apfelwein—I was so lucky that there were a couple of apple wine festivals held while I was in Germany. Apple wine is made of apples but different from apple cider. Apple wine is not sweet at all because there is no sugar added, so delicious and so pure!

  1. Schweinshaxe—Pork hock grilled or boiled. One of the most popular dishes in Frankfurt region. I had three of these in a row, quite amazing!


Bratkartoffein—Fried potatoes. Germans love potatoes. I found a restaurant named Kartoffein(potato) and everything on the menu is made with potatoes.

  1. Paella and smoked wild pork—Had this in Frankfurt museum festival. Although it is not a German dish, it is one of my favorite dish for this trip.


  1. Sauerbraten—meaning pickled roast, is regarded as one of the country’s traditional dishes. The meat is marinated in wine, vinegar, spices, herbs for almost 10 days and washed down with a pilsner beer before cooking.


9I also went to the Chocolate Museum in Colonge. Here are the pictures of the coco fruits and the ingredient differences among milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate.



  1. Italian Ravioli with truffle—very unique taste with a little bit of a sweet flavor (from added dates). It was my first time to try truffles and of course it tastes awesome!


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