Tracy’s food adventure: Unravelling of passions, travel, and tasting delicacies in Hong Kong

honey toast with red bean and green tea ice cream  Dietitians and I at HKSH  Tracy - food picture

Interested in pursuing a dietetic internship abroad? Read Tracy Tang’s food adventure in Hong Kong below:

This past summer, I travelled alone for the first time to pursue a dietetic internship at Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, one of the most renowned private hospitals in Hong Kong. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to shadow four insightful and experienced dietitians who had each attained their accreditation in either Canada, USA, the UK, or Australia. It was truly an amazing learning experience because I had to challenge myself to look at nutrition and health in a different cultural perspective.

Observing the consultations of both in- and out-patients, I noticed many contrasts between the Chinese and North American culture with respect to how healthcare is perceived and how clients are approached. It was enlightening to make note of these differences because it allowed me to appreciate the cultural diversity of Canada and how the corresponding needs of various cultures differ. My overall experience at the hospital was memorable in all due thanks to the four dietitians who were amazing mentors that guided me, taught me, and provided me with valuable insight on dietetics as a profession.

Having spent two months in Hong Kong, I also had the time of my life trying and eating all of their delicacies. Living with my cousins, I toured through all of the hidden gems in the city and participated in the local activities. You can see from my photos that I ate everything from traditional dishes to trendy snacks to street food (with a slight emphasis on desserts because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love desserts?).

Durian mochi           crispy catfish with mango salad dressing                            Durian Mochi                               Crispy catfish with mango salad dressing

honey lemon korean fried chicken            traditional fish ball noodles   Honey lemon Korea fried chicken                          Traditional fish ball noodles

I had so many exciting opportunities in Hong Kong such as: biking along the coast, playing darts, going to a trampoline park, taking a gondola lift to a village atop an island of hills, taking a boat out to go dolphin watching, squid fishing, watching the Dragon Boat Festival competitions, and visiting the CN Tower equivalent called Sky100. All in all, I had nothing short of a spectacular trip! I am beyond grateful to have spent this past summer in Hong Kong enjoying everything the city had to offer.

Dragon Boat Festival in Stanley  Ngong Ping 360 gondola liftDragon Boat Festival in Stanley                              Ngong Ping 360 gondola lift

Sky100 view that overlooks Hong Kong  Ngong Ping villageSky100 view that overlooks Hong Kong                                   Ngong Ping village

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