Welcome (Back)

Welcome (back) Nutrition and Food students! I hope you’ve soaked up a summer’s worth of sun and eaten enough watermelon and ice cream to keep you going over the winter. While you were sun bathing, we were busy planning all the exciting events for the fall. Think school spirit meets health meets future goals and aspirations. We’re planning dozens of events this year that range from the first year Orientation (see you soon first years!), to yoga classes, to masters and internship Q&A and Pub nights. While we hold a variety of events, one thing that you can pretty much guarantee is that there’ll be snacks at every event – we are nutrition students after all! If you want to stay up to date with all of our amazing events, be sure to go to class to hear announcements (and learn of course) and follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…no explanation needed).

This year, we are starting a new student blog initiative! If you’ve found yourself reading this post you’re on the right track. The Nutrition Course Union Blog will be a collaboration between the NCU and nutrition students. That’s right, you have the opportunity to get your work published. And if we and the School of Nutrition find your post impressive you’ll have the opportunity to be features on the Nutrition and Food website. Now don’t forget to include a photo (you know how much us foodies love photos!) and you’ll automatically be considered for the feature. While you can write about just about anything that is related to food and nutrition, we wanted to get the ball rolling by asking for any September submissions to be about your “favourite summer food memory” or a “summer food adventure”. Did you go to Scotland and sample some haggis? We want to hear about it. Or maybe you just went to the CNE. Well I didn’t so feel free to share.

Have I peaked you interest? If so, get you pen, or rather your laptop and write up your mouthwatering or aw-inspiring piece. Give it an edit and then send it to our team at ncuryerson@gmail.com. Our team will give it an edit, and then send it back your way. If you’re cool with any modifications that we’ve had to make we’ll post it to the NCU website as soon as possible. We are really excited to hear all about your nutrition experience (and we’ll tell you about ours!).

We know it’s the start of the new year, and for some that could make you nervous. If you have any questions or comments regarding the year, events or the blog, feel free to contact us at our email, or via social media.

  We are really excited to post our first student blog entry, by Tina, about her summer food adventure on her exchange to China.96FCMnkoU60coI3Wy3NzfanpR4NCfEUWNKE-ycz0lE0


I had a great opportunity to do a summer Food and Culture program as part of the OJS summer exchange with China this summer. The program was run with Jaingnan University in Wuxi, China and included students from other Ontario university students that were also in a food program, at least this time around.  Located about 2hrs from Shanghai, Wuxi was a beautiful city with lots to see and do.  The university took great care to make sure we had everything we needed and connected us with local students that helped us get around campus and even around the city hotspots. The program introduced us to the rich culture and traditions of China, including different food specialties across the country, their of love of cuisine art and the many rules around Chinese tea culture.  Also had the opportunity to try our hands on Chinese painting, Calligraphy, pottery, knitting as well as a chance to learn about China’s love of folk arts, history and gardens! We had a number of tours to other cities, including a Chinese culinary school, different museums, gorgeous temples, gardens, and national landmarks. We even spent a few nights in beautiful Shanghai city. Overall, the experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the country, see the culture from Chinese locals’ viewpoint and learn more about yourself while adapting to a completely new experience! And to add to all that, once accepted into the program, you get a $2000 scholarship that pays for the entire program, including meals during the whole exchange.  You are even left with some extra cash to help pay for the flight or some spending money!

zP4tuGtKJ-0oOJbqfL5Noifrw3Pf_PAdHCQzq2Zl2sM,5Kz84rtInDFGU0zCIDbXFC7mLE1PBiAbMgQoCzrDKCsThanks for sharing your story and you pictures Tina! If you’re like Tina and have a story to tell, send us an email at ncuryerson@gmail.com.

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