Attention First Years!

New in University? New in Ryerson? New in Toronto? Here are some things you may want to know before school starts!

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As Food & Nutrition majors, I think it is just right to make this post MOSTLY about food… There are so many different food spots around Ryerson. However, I narrowed it down to 5 food spots that I think are affordable, practical… and obviously… delicious.

OAKHAM CAFÉ:                    

It is located along Gould Street, and can be entered through Ryerson’s Student Centre. In their menu are a few of my favourite meals…. Quinoa Burger and Buffalo Ceasar Wrap! In addition, they have student friendly pricing and vegan/vegetarian/halal/gluten-free options! Click thisfor more info!


If you are not aware yet, The Hub has been undergoing renovations this summer. It is located at Jorgensen Hall. According to the RUeats’ website, they are even changing things up in terms of the menu by adding more variety! I personally love the Hub because of the location and the pricing. I am very excited to try their new menus and see the new hub layout! They offer healthy snacks, to-go sandwiches, soups etc.


This may be a further walk from Ryerson, since it is right next to Queens Station. However, I usually grab something from there whenever I have a class at Ted Rogers. They have a mini grocery store that offers organic and prepared to go meals! Their sandwiches are filling and tasty. I personally love grabbing an organic yogurt and a banana from there as a snack during a long day. They recently added a smoothie and juice bar next to the grocery store as well! Exciting!


Located at Yonge and Gerrard, this place offers asian-inspired sandwiches that will keep you coming back for more. I go there with my friends whenever we want to celebrate a small success or eat our stresses away! You’re doing a cheat day? Try their Kimchi Fries (also comes with a vegetarian option) or their Banh Mi sandwiches (with cilantro, mayo, carrots, etc.). Just give it a try! 


Located close to Yonge and Dundas, this place is next to some awesome food spots such as Five Guys, David’s Tea, Pickle Barrel etc. Chipotle, in my opinion appears to be one of the healthier options along the Yonge and Dundas food chain. Incase you did not know, chipotle allows you to make your own burrito, bowl, taco, salad using fresh ingredients! If you choose a vegetarian option, they do not charge you for gauc! I love to customize my burrito bowl by doing 1/2 chicken and 1/2 sofritas (seasoned tofu) and adding lots of veggies for maximum fullness! haha

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For residence students: Sunday, August 24 – Monday, September 1

For general students: Monday, August 25 – Monday, September 1

It is basically a week full of concerts, parties, games, and entertainment just for our fellow first years! The general orientation is FREE, so I highly recommend you to attend all the events (such as the gala on friday, Fiesta Del Fuego, Boris the hypnotist show etc.) Also, it gives you the opportunity to practice showcasing your Ryerson pride! In addition, it’s a great time to learn more about Ryerson’s campus life and the different clubs, events that we offer throughout the year (Such as tri-mentoring, intramurals etc). If you want to know more about this week-long event, click here!


When: September 2 – September 5

Just because school started, does not mean the fun ends! RSU creates events throughout the first week of school that is open to all students! It is a great way to ease ourselves in to the new school year. The most popular event during week of welcome is the Parade and Picnichappening on september 5th. It is when students parade along downtown toronto, cheering and showing their Ryerson Spirit all the way to Centre Island where a concert will be held! The performers will be Nas, Anjulie, Unbottuned and Jillionaire from Major Lazer! I strongly invite you to come and show your nutrition spirit with NCU on Sept. 5th!


Of course we will also have events directed specifically to food and nutrition students. More details to be announced soon. However, those 2 events perviously mentioned are crucial in order for you to have a soft landing as you enter university. So, cherish those two weeks, makes friends (inside AND outside of your program), and don’t be scared to ask questions about Ryerson. Take the time to listen to your leaders (if you join the general orientation) and spread the knowledge you’ve learned from them to other first years. You WILL learn a thing or two… trust me!

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